Classes / Events / Programs

I have experience designing, organizing and implementing a variety of events and programs such as:

I’m happy to work with you to customize an event or program. Or, you can choose one of my existing classes listed below.

Colors of fall in Montana

The Art of Science (and the Science of Art)
Create fun art projects and investigate the science behind how they work! Explore the geology behind clay using a microscope (and build our own sculptures), experiment with density using oil, water and color (resulting in some cool paintings), and venture outside to explore using nature’s palette. Wear old clothes that can get stained and be prepared to be outside for part of the class.

Stream Ecology
Explore life at the bottom of a local stream and learn how tiny creatures (macroinvertebrates) play a big role in the ecosystem. Focuses on food webs and environmental indicators, as well as metamorphosis and seasonal changes.

Customized Classes
I am happy to work with you to design science-related courses about the topic of your choice for your desired age group.